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Basic editor that allows you to crop, resize, edit and retouch your photos for free

Basic editor that allows you to crop, resize, edit and retouch your photos for free

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Program license: Free

Program by: Vicman

Version: 1.8-beta

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


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Photo Editor is a program used to edit photos and images so that they look their best. There are many common features here for cropping, removing red eye and changing lighting. This is a simple program that anyone can use to edit their photos before printing or uploading them.

Simple and Easy

Photo Editor is made to be a simple program that is highly accessible to all users. Unlike some advanced photo editors that need many third-party programs and tools, this one requires no extra installation. It works as soon as you install it. All of the tools are easy to find and there is even a wizard to help guide you.

The wizard will ask if you want to upload an image and will make suggestions on how to proceed with editing. It will automatically balance the colors, sharpen the image and remove red eye. You can manually go back and edit any of these changes if you like, but most people will find that the wizard does the majority of the work for them.

All of the tools are right there for you to choose. You simply need to select the right tool and make adjustments as needed. This program is designed for all users. While it does lack some advanced tools, this is ideal for basic photo editing.

Lots of Effects

Despite being a simple program in many ways, Photo Editor does have many filters and effects to choose from. There are currently about 100 effects, but they sometimes add more for you to enjoy. The filters and effects can change the color balance, give the image emotional weight, add some comedy to the image and more depending on which effect you choose.

Not only that, but these come with a preview pane. This allows you to see what the effect would look like if you applied it. This allows you to go through all the effects without making a definitive decision until you're ready. The good part about this is that you don't have to keep removing an effect if you don't like it. You can go through the effects until you find one that you like.

You can also upload filters into this program from other photo editors. It can work with many Photoshop filters. Be sure to test the filter after uploading it as some may not work properly but most will.

Sufficient Tools

While this program doesn't have as many tools as professional programs, it does have a good amount of editing tools and should be good enough for most users. Aside from changing the color balance and removing red eye, you can also use drawing and selection tools. Drawing tools allow you to make shapes, draw simple designs or write freehand messages on the photo.

The selection tools come in shapes or a freehand lasso. This allows you to select a certain area and only have edits apply to that section. For example, if you want only to change one part of the image and keep the rest the same, then you would use the selection tool first to isolate that area.

While this program has fewer tools than a professional photo editor, it has enough to complete basic editing projects. If you have a steady hand, then you can also make some great drawings with the drawing tools.

Lightweight Program

While Photo Editor doesn't have many advanced tools, it does have the advantage in terms of speed and weight. Professional programs often require significantly more space on your hard drive and they are weighed down by all the extra effects and tools. This can be problematic if your computer is just barely meeting the minimum requirements.

This should never be a problem with Photo Editor. This is a fast program that requires little space on your hard drive. All edits should be fast as well. If you have a weaker computer, then this might be the best option for you.


  • Lightweight and simple program that users of all skill levels can quickly learn to use
  • Has about 100 filters and effects along with a preview pane to see if you like the effect
  • Includes several tutorials to help you learn about the tools and features


  • Only has basic tools, so it's not suitable for professional users
  • The interface looks outdated

Whether you're a novice or a professional, you can use this program to make almost any kind of change to your pictures.

The tools of Photo Editor are easy to use. You'll see tips and ideas when you use each feature. There is also a detailed description of how to use each feature if you click on the title of the task you want to complete. Most of the menu selections are on one side of the screen so that you have a blank space to work on your images. It only takes a few moments to get your pictures completed after you figure out what you're doing. You can share your pictures online or save them to your files. Most of the tools in the editing program are basic. There aren't any extensive features with the program, but you can rotate, crop, add text and add various stickers and other details to your pictures.

This program is ideal for minor retouching, even if it's for professional pictures. You can enhance the colors in the pictures or remove any red eyes to make the pictures look as natural as possible. There are editing features that remove wrinkles and blemishes on the skin as well as other imperfections that you might see. The program has a few techniques for changing the lighting, but there aren't as many frames and designs that you can add as you would find with other programs. A fun technique is morphing your images so that the people in the pictures look like they are oddly shaped. When you're done editing your image, you can compare it to the original one so that you can see what has been changed and what else you want to change before saving the image or sharing it with others.


  • Easy to use
  • Enough tools to retouch pictures


  • Very basic
  • A bit outdated